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New Balance Outlet Mermaid for a dayFeel free

Mermaid for a day

Feel free to click the highlighted bits to get a real sense of just who these d bags are. Otherwise known as my previous dating life.

I swear the universe had it out for me today. I saw Mr drunky monkey with who I assume was his new girlfriend. A little awkward but I was cool as a cucumber. I said hello and got the heck out of there. I told a girlfriend about the run in, she told me to think of it as giving an old toy away to someone less fortunate. Her saying this put everything into perspect New Balance Outlet ive. I will remember this saying always!

About an hour after the run in I received a Facebook message from the hot mess. Oh, the surprised/confused/angry feeling that came over me was intense. After deleting me from Facebook and chatting up one of my friends he has some serious balls to send a message. It simply said, it been a while how have you been? Seriously, no apology?

At this point I thinking, what are the chances of having two awkward guy from the past experiences in one day? Well lets just throw in a third.

The sexy rock star messaged me on Facebook a few hours after the New Balance Outlet hot mess. He just wanted to say hi. Now we still talk off and on. He in a relationship and I think that great. As bitter as I s New Balance Outlet ound about the d bags of my past, I sincerely do hope they find the right person for them. Although I pity the girl who J ended up with. The sexy rock star seems to have found his other half though and I hope they are happy.

As I sit here sipping my tea I honestly don feel much of anything. I think my heart is pretty much healed. As a good friend pointed out, I have a higher bullshit tolerance now because I need the best man to be around my children. New Balance Outlet I think the universe might have been trying to tell me that the best is yet to come.


New Balance Outlet Merlino Convicted In Armored

Merlino Convicted In Armored

By L. Two co defendants, who previously pleaded guilty, testified against Merlino, son o New Balance Outlet f former mob underboss Salvatore “Chuckie” Merlino.

Merlino, who faces a maximum of 15 years in prison, showed no emotion when the verdict was announced. Attorney Robert E. Goldman, who prosecuted the case, requested that Merlino’s bail be revoked. Goldman said Merlino had threatened government witnesses.

Despite a plea from defense lawyer Joseph New Balance Outlet C. Santaguida that Merlino be kept under “house arrest” pending his sentencing Feb. District Judge Norma L.

Merlino’s co defendants in the case were Richard Barone, 45, of the 2600 block of Brown Street, and Stephen Rinaldi, 23, of the 1200 block of McKean Street in South Philadelphia. Both pleaded guilty and await sentencing.

During the one week trial, Barone testified that he and Merlino planned the robbery in the summer of 1987. Barone said he persuaded Rinaldi, then a guard for Federal Armored Express, to drop a money bag from an armored car at a predetermined spot on Delaware Avenue in South Philadelphia.

Minutes after dropping the money in a trash pile that day, Rin New Balance Outlet aldi tried to create a cover by opening the rear door of the vehicle as it was moving on Interstate 95 and spilling several bags of money onto the highway.

Motorists picked up the bags and re New Balance Outlet turned them. Rinaldi claimed someone must have picked up the bag with $352,150 and driven away.

Goldman told the jury that Merlino became greedy and would not share the stolen money with Rinaldi. Merlino did not testify at the trial. His attorney, Santaguida, argued that he was not involved in the crime.