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New Balance Store Metro introduces its corporate

Metro introduces its corporate responsibility roadmap

MONTREAL, Aug. 11 /CNW Telbec/ Metro Inc. introduces its corporate responsibility roadmap, providing a clear definition of its commitments and intentions regarding the mana New Balance Store gement of its environmental, social and economic activities. This approach acknowledges Metro’s ambition to go beyond its role of distributor in order to become an active player in sustainable development.

“Metro has already implemented numerous corporate responsibility initiatives. As a large Canadian food retailer, we are aware of the impact of our activities on society and we are determined to deepen our involvement. This is a long term project, and today’s announcement is the first of many New Balance Store measures to come,” declared Eric R. La Flche, President and Chief Executive Officer of Metro Inc.

For many years, Metro has been taking concrete actions to protect the environment. Among those initiatives, let us mention the environmental policy that was adopted in 1998, the introduction of reusable grocery bags in 2006 and, more recently reusable produce bags, the creation of the Green Apple School Program in 2009, and, starting this fall, a new sustainable fisheries policy, which will enable us to o New Balance Store ffer our customers only non threatened fresh and frozen wild and farmed seafood species.

“We want our actions to reflect our corporate strategy and we will focus on the areas that are most important to our stakeholders as well as to our corporate performance. Our initiative is built on four pillars: Our customers, our employees, the environment and the community,” conclude New Balance Store d Mr. La Flche.


New Balance Store Metro Gym Bag product review

Metro Gym Bag product review

They use the mats provided by the studio or gym, and don’t use any yoga accessories like no slip socks or grip gloves.

But there are others, like myself, who insist upon using their own yoga mats and equipment.

The search ensued for a yoga bag after the realization of how awkward it was slinging my mat over my shoulder while also totting a bag caring my keys, phone, towel, socks and gloves, headband and the other miscellaneous things I prefer to have with me when I go to yoga class.

Finding many versions of bags which not only carry personal items, but where y New Balance Store ou can strap your yoga mat to the bottom of the bag as well, however the majority of these cost more than I was willing to pay. It seems that with any sport or activity that is popular there are always a slew of merchants selling those items at prices that are just ridiculous $90 for yoga pants? I d New Balance Store on’t think so. New Balance Store

I finally discovered the “Metro Gym Bag” sold on Gaiam’s website. Colorado based Gaiam is one of the more trendy brands of yoga clothing and accessories, but which also provides items for the home, clothing for other situations as well not just fitness, and most importantly, environmentally friendly products.

The Metro Gym Bag features a zip close with several pockets and compartments, and a key ring holder inside. Outside there are two large snap close pockets for easy access and a cinch cord on the bottom to carry a yoga mat. The Metro Gym Bag weighs 14.6 oz. is 100% polyester; and it’s dimensions are 7″L x 15″W x 12″H. It is also offered in five different color options.

When my bag arrived I immediately liked the sturdy design this bag is not going to fall apart very easily. I love the color I chose, the pockets, the key ring holder, and the zipper close, which I personally insist upon. The bag holds everything I need to bring with me, effortlessly.

However, I use a 1/4” extra thick yoga mat and the cinch cord on the bottom of the bag can not support the weight of this kind of mat. Thinner, lighter mats shouldn’t have this problem, but for the size I use I can’t utilize the cinch cords.

The straps of the bag co New Balance Store uld also be a little longer. For those living in colder climates and who wear coats and layers of clothing in the winter, this bag is a little too snug when carried on the shoulder.

Over all, this is a really good, solid product and is reasonably priced. However, I can’t give it a full 5 star rating because although I really like a lot of what this bag has to offer I’m still not entirely satisfied. Although there may not actually be a yoga/gym bag out there that is ‘perfect’ according to my specifications and needs the search continues.