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Merkel not ready to back economic sanctions against Russia comments

Stats on US: 73% of Prozac, 45% on Viagra, 89% obesity, 45% Downs syndrome (especially in the South states where fathers do their daughters).

industry slave system. Prisoners work for free for military industrial complex contractors. 5% in prison are innocent. 20% for crimes they did not commited, 50% for drug related crimes from them 30% not violent drug users. USA Has highest % population in prisons. Currently there is hunger strike in prisons in California due inhuman conditions.

Autonomous 27.03.2014 04:51 Germany has often found itself in direct opposition to US positions and Merkel’s statement on the d New Balance Shoes esire to de escalate comes as no surprise. They have no access to trade routes over the oceans like the brits, french or americans. They have and will always looking east. who conquered crimea for Russia was German. :)

On ly one you people can take over are your friends that you pull a fast one on and claim the land as your own. So what you have nukes. You’ll never step foot into another country without people looking at you Russians as douche bags that y.

The measly little country Russia????

little??? Simply take in hands the globe of the ground and look what Russia New Balance Shoes little !!!

Only pair territories of the USA!! LOL!! LOL!!

measl y? Only your Obama is afraid to apply actual sanctions against Russia!

It has gone to ask the help at EU and Saudi Arabia!! LOL!! LOL!!

Albert 27.03.2014 04:42 Was it the same Merkel that said that Russia risks huge consequences in Ukraine? Talk tough, but not tough. She is un New Balance Shoes der the Russian economic grip. She knows that this will be a looser if sanctions continue to mount. Every nation is in for their own interest. People are only loyal to their party/country nothi ng else.

never said that in connection to crimea, she al New Balance Shoes ways said, that this would happen if Russia takes over the east and south next. She knows Russia won’t do that yet.