New Balance Store Miami Shores Britto Sculpture

Miami Shores Britto Sculpture Vandalized Again

via MiamismA Romero Britto beach ball sculpture outside the Miami Shores Country Club was vandalized for a second time on Saturday. In June, an anonymous tagger spr New Balance Store ay painted the words “Not Art” on the polka dotted and striped ball. The paint was promptly removed, but the controversy surrounding the Brazilian artist’s monopoly on Miami’s public art sustained.

On Saturday, Miamism blogged that the beach ball was tagged again, this time with the words “meaningless bliss” and “error.”

The latest tag appears more stylized than the first, and the choice of words more indirect. Is this the work of the same tagger? Or is the sculpture, which is highly visible from Biscayne Boulevard, simply an easy target?

A few blocks north on Biscayne, you’ll likely encounter unmarked vans selling rip off Britto art work. The man is popular enough to inspire knock offs and fill a storefront gallery on Lincoln Road, but a lot of Miami is furiously against Britto as the unofficial art laureate of Miami. His geometric splats and smiling cats are about as characteristic of our city as the nickname Magic City.

And so the debate continues: Is it vandalism to alter public sculptures that have been forced so relentlessly on our cityscape? Considering the level of vitriol surrounding Britto’s omnipresence in our city, these Miami Shores taggings almost seem t New Balance Store ame. After all, just last year, a group threatened to chug gallons of milk and barf bomb the city’s Britto public art sculptures.

Realism has been replaced with abstraction because this is the only way talentless people can pretend to have talent. Britto is like punk music, no talent and pretty much a gimmick. Its only popular because the Miami Yuppies, who are all mindless followers of gimmicks took on Britto like some sort of religion. I see this vandalism is a victory of the human spirit. i think you’ll see that you can’t get the same response because as much as you s New Balance Store ay you guys dislike him, it’s obvious that he’s still the most popular because he is who your readers waste their time commenting about. i don’t see as many readers commenting on your articles about lebo, gamson, jen stark, or even friendswithyou (who you guys seem to love but at the end of the day, show many similar themes in their work that britto does). i bet you secretly carry a britto umbrella and drink out of a britto coffee mug. maybe you say you don’t like him, but you New Balance Store do cover every single aspect of his career, just hoping that maybe it will help your career and get more traffic on the new times website. if you loathed britto the way you say you do, then don’t try to constantly start discussions about him and how his art is “not art.” this is only news because you make it news. you are saying you don’t approve of defacing public art but in constantly updating your anti britto rants, you are just perpetrating the problem and giving more idiot dash kids a reason to buy more spraypaint. i hope whoever did this gets caught just so that we don’t have to see anything they’ve spraypainted ever again.

I for one love street art and I am aware that most of the time it carries an angst filled, anti establishment message, but to deface ANOTHER piece of art is tactless and wrong. If you want to defame an artist do so on your own work, your own canvas hell, it worked for Warhol.

As for Brito he can suck it. I’m tired of the city/county trying to cram his pre schooler coloring book crap art down our throats. Last thing I want to see going to a Miami Dolphins’ game is a stairwell plastered with the same crap designs that are slapped on girls’ overpriced tote bags.