New Balance Meet the cops who give Doritos

Meet the cops who give Doritos to potheads

in my career did I guess that I be passing out delicious snacks at Hempfest, Sean Whitcomb told Salon. that happened. Hempfest goers seemed equally surprised to find Whitcomb, a sergeant in the Seattle Police Department, handing out bags of Doritos and not court summonses among the bong vendors and joint smokers at the city annual outdoor pot festival.

They typically arch nemeses, potheads and police officers, but the munchies were a big hit and both sides seemed to relish the irony, with the bags now selling on eBay for as much as much as $50 a pop.

Whitcomb and his fellow officers are trying to make positive interactions like this between two groups historically skeptical of each other more commonplace after voters in the Evergreen State legalized pot in November. They trying to educate the Doritos bags came with information about the new law but beyond that, they trying to make a connection.

Like parents who look the other way as their kids drink a few beers with friends (but confiscate everyone keys), the Seattle cops also seem almost desperate to be liked. They return confiscated stashes, write funny blog posts and use their official Twitter account to announce that the chief of police pulled over a truck adorned with fake pot leaves in order to give the driver directions to Hempfest. is great to see The Seattle Police Departmen New Balance t appears to be moving forward with the voters, as opposed to resisting the changes demanded by voters, which is unfortunately still the case in far too many communities that have embraced reform. think the Seattle PD is trying its best to operate in an environment where the political leadership and city electorate is decidedly pro marijuana. Anyone with a pulse who has been to Seattle lately knows that public pot smoking is commonplace, so the police should be commended for trying to creatively get the word out that public smoking and other related behaviors are still illegal under state law, said Kevin Sabet, a former senior advisor to the czar in the Bush and Obama White Houses who now runs an anti legalization advocacy group called Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana)

Sabet, whom Rolling Stone once dubbed Enemy 1, added that it a political move. marijuana selling begins in the city, this kind of friendly behavior gives them leverage to aggressively enforce the law and prosecute behavior th New Balance at is outside of the new law, he said.

For Whitcomb, who has been leading the outreach effort in the police department public affairs units, the Doritos campaign is just part of effective government. The goal is to educate as many Washingtonians as possible about an important new law, and doing that involves making it fun and creative and accessible, he says. (By the way, the chips were purchased with private donations from the police foundatio New Balance n and distributed while officers were off duty, so no taxpayer resources were used in the campaign.)

And it seems to be working. Whitcomb said he was heartened to have a man approach him at Hempfest who said that he had been afraid to contact police officers most of his life because he assumed the interaction would end badly. It a typical sentiment among marginal communities like drug users and undocumented immigrants. you in the public service industry, that a real downer to hear, said Whitcomb. But now, thanks to the outreach ca New Balance mpaign, the man said he felt more comfortable around police.

And branding experts say that the clever campaign has led to millions in what is essentially free and overwhelming positive advertising through press coverage (it called media in political campaigns).

Still, even Whitcomb acknowledges the efforts are unusual for law enforcement education campaigns (think about the deadly serious drinking and driving PSAs that you might find on TV or billboards) and have led to some in other parts of the department. That because it more than a strict educational campaign. It is, even Whitcomb admits, at least a little bit about making Seattle police cooler than any other cities cops. like to think of that! department has a long history of being ahead of the curve when it comes to drug policy. is probably one of the most sophisticated and responsive police departments in the country, said Allen St. Pierre, the executive director of NORML.

There plenty of social science research that shows that perceptions of police legitimacy affect crime rates, since police need the community support (in the form of tips, information, etc.) to solve crimes. So why not do it like this? Would you rather be grilled by the NYPD with its stop and frisk campaign, or the department that just handed out free food at Hempfest?

If it all feels a bit like Dr. Evil desperately trying to reach out to his disaffected son in Powers by doing the Macarena and pleading, hip, I with it! Whitcomb gets that. would say we have probably succeeded at least a little bit better than Dr. Evil, he protested. No doubt. Dr. Evil should probably swing by Hempfest next year with some seriously righteous burritos.


New Balance meet the accessorisers of the

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The next Bill Amberg

It all started because I needed a good laptop bag,’ explains Harris Elliott, 30, designer of new luxury label H by Harris. ‘I was disappointed with the lack of stylish laptop cases, so I made one myself and things kind of snowballed.

Initially, Harris wanted to become an architect, ‘until I found out how long it takes to be one,’ so he opted for interior design at Teesside University in Middlesbrough instead. He then worked as a stylist for Mark Ronson, Nelly Furtado, Eva Green and Scarlett Johansson. For London Fashion Week, Harris has designed a window display and installation for Browns.

How did you become a designer?

I have a good relationship with Browns from my days as a stylist, so after I designed a few bags I showed them to their buyers they loved them.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From anything really. A lot of my collection is heavily based on military, a kind of luxurious army fatigue. It’s my take on camouflage.

What are your dreams for the future of the label?

I want it to become a global brand that people love and respect.

H by Harris bags are stocked at Browns and Dover Street Market

Dominic Jones, 24, studied jewellery design at the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media Design, but dropped out before his final year. ‘The teachers tried to push me in a way I wasn’t interested in.

I didn’t see the point,’ he says. He started designing his first collection last year in his bedroom but funds ran out. Fortunately, his friend Alice Dellal stepped in and offered to back him (as well as star in his first campaign with Lizzie Jagger and ES cover girl Eliza Cummings). The pair met at a party four years ago.

‘Alice is very involved in the business. There aren’t many brands that are really pushing it so there is lots of scope to be different.

Who do you design for?

I want my jewellery to be for my generation, I don’t think anybody really designs jewellery for my age group. Having said that, my 80 year old grandma loves my pieces.

Describe your style.

People call it Gothic, but I don’t think that does it justice. There is a certain punk sensibility to it, but it’s also quite elegant and feminine.

Where do you find inspiration?

My main reference point for this collection was natural defences, like claws and thorns. Femininity in nature is quite aggressive, whereas in human New Balance s women are delicate creatures. If you look at claws out of context, they have an elegant feminine flow and I wanted to reflect that. ‘I was 12 and went to a school party wearing my mother’s cream leather wedding shoes from Bally,’ she says.

Sophie obtained a degree in design from the London College of Fashion in 2007 before working with Jennefer Osterhoudt (former head of accessories at John Galliano, Giv New Balance enchy and Alexander McQueen). ‘Then I took a year out to do business courses because I wanted to know exactly what was required to run a company.’

I New Balance New Balance g>n 2008 she was a Fashion Fringe finalist, where she met her idol Manolo Blahnik. ‘His advice was to push the boundaries, so I went with slightly unusual shapes.’

Heels or flats?

I can wear heels day in, day out. That’s probably why I had no apprehension about doing a collection with just heels, although I’m hoping to design a flats range.